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Terms and Conditions - AIRLINE PRICE AND POLICY

We are AIRLINE PRICE AND POLICY -a part of World Reisen. Our company registration number is 45-3582639 (World Reisen). We have a corporate office located at: 945 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA 94116, United States of America.

The purchase of your travel booking constitutes a contractual agreement between the traveller(s), customer(s), and/or purchaser(s), (collectively as "You" and "Traveller"), and www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com (part of World Reisen) pursuant to the following terms and conditions (herein referred to as the “Terms” of “Agreement”):

The Term – “You” refers to the Traveler/Customer who buys the flight tickets from www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com .

Terms of the Payments

• The Traveler/Customer who books the flight ticket through us shall become responsible for rendering the payments for his ticket booking, as well as booking of all other travel partners or groups who intends to travel with him/her.

• Nonpayment of the flight tickets and/or any other travel services will lead to the cancelation of the services. There is no reminder sent to the Traveler/Customer if a cancelation is initiated by us. There are also chances that the Traveler/Customer shall have to pay the Cancelation Fee, once we initiate the cancelation process on our end.

• The Traveler/Customer who is planning to fly in less than 8 weeks to his/her destination, the total payment of flight ticket should be made immediately without any further delays.

Scope of Services Offered the Travel Agent

www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com is working as travel agent, and we process various travel products that are sold by the suppliers, or the 3rd Party Service Providers, which include the cruise operators, airline companies, hotels, and coach or rail service providers. www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com engenders the travel bookings on behalf of 3rd Party Service Providers for our Travelers/Customers, but we do not undertake any responsibility about the credibility of their services or warrant their standards in providing the services.

The bookings made for cruise tours, airline trips or hotel stays are subject to last minute changes and we are not liable for any of these changes. In case the Travelers/Customers like to initiate the legal recourse then such an action shall be executed between the Traveler/Customer and the Service Provider. There may be Travel Advisories on different destinations, therefore, it is recommended that Travelers/Customers should confirm with the USA Government Travel. Advisory.

Monetary Deposits Made for Booking

The completion of booking is only possible if all or partial deposits are made by Travelers/Customers. In certain scenarios there may be more money asked by the service provider, and this is over and above the minimum amount. It is significant to point here that wall bookings made by Travelers/Customers are non-refundable. The final payments need to be paid at least 60 days before the departure of flight of the Traveler/Customer.

The Travelers/Customers can make online payments for the bookings either through the debit card or credit cards like the (Visa, MasterCard). If the Travelers/Customers give us the Credit Card details for making the charges, then they should read and put their signatures on the charge form.

NOTE: The monetary deposits shall mean that you have secured the seat on your flight, but this shall not mean that you do not have to pay for increased Tax Fee or possible Fare Increase.

Airfares can increase at point in time and the Travelers/Customers should make complete payments including the airfares that may have increased as the result of government taxes or fee.

Airport Charges and Departure Taxes

The price guarantees norm of www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com shall become null and void in wake of the new charges become implemented by the US or overseas governments and other authorities.

Changes Made in the Booking by the Traveler/Customer

Forward the request to make the changes in the booking by forwarding the request to us in writing. The Travelers/Customers cannot make any changes in their names and therefore they should make sure to double check the names. 100% cancelation charges are levied if you want to make the changes in your travel arrangements. However, such charges are not applicable to all types of travel arrangements.

It is requested to Travelers/Customers to make the final payments and materialize the bookings immediately as there are chances that fares may surge anytime without prior notification. We can only guarantee you the airfares or any other booking if all payments have been made.

Cancelations Executed by Travelers/Customers

Generally all travel bookings are Non-Refundable and Non Transferrable. Bookings can be canceled at any time provided such bookings are made in writing and there will be cancelation charges applicable. The cancelation charges levied on Travelers/Customers will depend on respective airlines, type of airfare etc.

If any liability occurs to us in the event where we process your cancelations then the Travelers/Customers shall agree to pay us the cancelation charges or fee.

Policy for Refunds

Refunds against the cancelations can be processed at least 3 to 4 weeks and the Travelers/Customers shall receive the funds either through the Credit Card/Debit Card or Bank Transfers depending on how the payments were made at the time of booking.

Charges Levied on Credit Cards

In case of the flight bookings where Credit Card was used, the Travelers/Customers shall become liable to surcharges like 2.5% on Visa & Master Card, whereas 3.5% surcharge shall be levied on American Express and Diner`s Club.

Re-Confirmation of Flights/Check-in

It is recommended that Travelers/Customers should make a Check-in at least 3 hours before the departure in case of long haul flight and the time for short haul flights Check-in is 2 hours. The Travelers/Customers can make the re-confirmation of either the onward or the return air journeys with no less than 72 hours before the flight departure.

Alterations/Cancelations in the Flight Programs

The flight prices dates, times, routes apart from the selection of airline can change or get canceled anytime, and it is where the www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com shall make all efforts to present appropriate alternatives.

Remember that the claims of injury, or potential death, injury or danger caused thereof shall lie with respective airlines. The inconvenience caused or possibilities of delay in services shall rest with the airline and not any partner sites or for that matter with www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com

Force Majeure

www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com cannot take the responsibility of flight boo0king in the events like the terrorist attacks, earthquakes, war or imminent war like threats, riots, civil strife, terrorism, industrial disagreements and strikes in addition to hostile weather conditions, closure or cramming of airports. If flight tickets are canceled due to reasons as proclaimed in Force Majeure, then we shall not be responsible for such cancelations.

Rationality and Legitimacy of Tickets, Flight Timings and Scheduled Carriers

Return tickets hold the validity for specific dates and the routes as published on the flight tickets. There will be no refunds on the unused flight tickets. The travel agency or travel service provider or the air carrier shall not take charge of the liability for events like the delays or cancelations in the flights. In some circumstances, the Air Carriers shall make the arrangement for alternative aircraft and carriers, and may even set out for making the compromise or delete the stops.


All good efforts are made by us for smooth execution of travel arrangements. However, we do not own any control over the affiliates, shareholders, stakeholders, or subsidiaries, or directors or successors of the business entity which makes the travel arrangements.


www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com is not accountable for any neglectful or deliberate act or failure to act for travel service provider or 3rd party.

Travel Documentation

The Traveler/Customer should have complete and updated information published on his/her travel document. The flight ticket should be issued in the name of passport holder. If an incorrect name is published, it would mean that such bookings are ineffective and this would lead to cancellation of the booking.

The Traveler/Customer should make sure that s/he provides correct names, dates and timings of the flight to us. In addition, the respective Traveler/Customer should re-confirm the flights at least 24 hours before the flight departure.

Refusal of service

On many occasions or events, the service provider may even refuse the service to Traveler or Customer on their sole discretion and such refusal may come as the result of:

• Drug and narcotics abuse

• Absence of legitimate documentation

• Occurrence of contagious disease

• Showcasing the troublesome or rogue behavior

Passport, Visas, Health Requirements and Driving License

The passport should have validity of 6 Months or more when you return to your native country. All your Visas should be legit and passport should be stamped. You need to have Passport and Visa to fulfill the Immigration requirements. All the fines, consequences in the form of penalties, payments or expenses levied as the result of documents not addressing the concern of those authorities will be shall not be the responsibility of www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com .

The Traveler/Customer should confirm with United States Department of State or the responsive government agency of the country to which you will be traveling upon the visa requirements.

Special Requests
If the Traveler/Customer is making the demand of special request like special diet, or arrangement of seats, then www.airlinepriceandpolicy.com can communicate it to the respective airlines on the behalf of Traveler/Customer. However, the Traveler/Customer should be aware that there is absolutely no guarantee of the approval of the special request by the respective supplier.

The Traveler/Customer should buy the travel insurance as it is mandatory and in accordance with the US Law.

Travel Insurance

We advise you to take a travel insurance policy. You are required by US Law to have adequate travel insurance. The price of airfares can only be made available to the Traveler/Customer under the event where these have been offered by the airline/supplier.

Price offered is subject to availability

$100 or more is charged as cancelation fee in accordance to the airfare rules in case the Traveler/Customer shows the delay in making the payments.

Disclaimer :- AirlinePriceandPolicy.com asserts that the existing customer/prospective customer/user shall browse the website on entirely at his/her own risk. We also assert that neither of our travel agents and nor the suppliers or third party providers shall become liable for not offering the travel services. Neither we and nor any of our travel agents and nor the suppliers or third party providers warrant the responsibility for the appropriateness and reliability of the flight tickets as available on AirlinePriceandPolicy.com. We also do not take any responsibility of the correctness of the merch like flight ticket prices and other travel arrangements traded on AirlinePriceandPolicy.com. Read More