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Travelers/Customers are advised that they should read through the guidelines of our Cookies Policy for gaining an incredibly superb user experience. With Cookies loaded on your device you would come to know of your previous visit to our website and the type of travel arrangements that you eventually made through us. In succinct, when you have the Cookies activated on your device, Travelers/Customers will have the advantage of gaining tremendously superb experience and simultaneously, it would also help us to improve the user interface of our website.

About the Cookies

Cookies have different sources through which these originate. The First Party cookies shall be created on the user’s device as they visit any website for the first time. Similarly, the Third-party cookies are shaped by third-party merchants, and incorporated by the website owner for various strategies.

Web beacons

Web beacons (visa-a-visa are the internet tags, pixel tags and clear GIFs) are apparent graphic images incorporated on to the website. These work with cookies and record the actions of the visitors who visit the website. We may very likely use the web beacons to store the information like IP address of the devices that have downloaded any of the website pages. We will also use the beacons to make sure of the browser version of the website user.

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